Ghana’s government launched 1.2 billion dollars eco-tourism project

Accra1Ghana’s government has launched an eco-tourism project worth 1.2 billion dollars that will see a forest being destroyed by encroachments and waste dumps turn into a world-class recreational destination with amusement parks, orchards, arboretum, wildlife safaris, museums, eco-commercial enclaves and eco-lodges with a little disruption to the ecosystem reports Graphic online.

When developed, the Eco-Park will provide a good environment to absorb carbon dioxide, produced from industrial activities and vehicles, save the forest from further destruction from encroachers and additional one million trees are expected to be planted to improve forest cover.

According to the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Nii Osah Mills

“The Accra Eco-Park development has been conceived to provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate to the business community and the public that ecotourism is a viable, environmentally friendly, employment-creating, sustainable income-generating venture,” he said. Nairobi National Park alone contributes eight million dollars in revenue to the Kenyan purse.

The forest currently yields an annual revenue of $60,000, but on completion, it is expected to yield an annual gross income of $5 million.

According to the government, the first phase of the project will be completed within 24 months while the whole project will take about seven years to complete. The Accra Eco-Park is expected to create about 4,000 jobs during its construction phase and about 2,000 direct and 10,000 indirect jobs when it becomes operational; according to the Forestry Commission.

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Ph.D. Student Industrial Engineering, UMass Amherst, working on environmental decision-making, uncertainty in climate policies. Former International Renewable Energy Agency(IRENA) Scholar and United Nations Secretary General's Climate Change Support Team Intern.

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